An extraordinary and diverse MAT catering for young people across the Eastern Region

An extraordinary and diverse MAT catering for young people across the Eastern Region

An extraordinary and diverse MAT catering for young people across the Eastern Region

An extraordinary and diverse MAT catering for young people across the Eastern Region

The Engage Trust provides high quality education and ensures progress for all children and young people through a high quality network of alternative provision and specialist academies and services in line with the core values of the Co-operative movement.

Welcome from our CEO

Welcome from our CEO

We are a specialist provider of educational provision and support for the most vulnerable and challenging learners in the Eastern region. We believe wholeheartedly that the most vulnerable young people in our communities deserve to have the same high standard of education as their peers. Often learners with more challenging needs are educated outside of mainstream provision, and the Engage Trust was set up to recognise that this "Alternative" provision should still be considered to be School. The Engage Trust runs Schools. We do not believe that young people should attend, units, or centres, or settings, but should be taught in schools where the expectations on learning from staff and students should be in line with those in the more ordinary schools which their peers attend.

The Trust is responsible for educating a large proportion of the most vulnerable and challenging learners and we take this responsibility very seriously. We feel that it is our duty to ensure that our schools, our staff and our partners all are all held to account for the outcomes of these learners in a meaningful way. We expect our learners to make the same amount of progress from their starting points with us that their peers in mainstream would make. We aim to ensure that they have the type of holistic and thorough support which will allow this to happen and we seek to ensure that every learner has a curriculum and learning plan which best meets their needs.

The Engage Trust is an environment where we seek to learn every day and endeavour to accept with good humour the challenges of meeting some extreme levels of need. Please explore further our website to understand more fully how this is accomplished.

Des Reynolds

Context and Background
Joining the Engage Trust

Registered Company Name: The Engage Trust. Registered Office: Drayton Old Lodge, 146 Drayton High Road, Norwich NR8 6AN. Registered in England and Wales No: 08699493

We provide education and support for young people who have been permanently excluded from school

We are an educational base for Children who are missing education. We provide educational packages for any child in Norfolk who is without a permanent school place until such time as their school place can be finalised.

We provide education and support to Norfolk Young People who are unable to attend school due to their medical needs.

We operate a commercial behavioural support service for schools entitled “The Child Support Team.” This multi-disciplinary team uses teacher, support staff and other professionals to provide a holistic approach to supporting young people who are exhibiting challenging behaviour.

The Schools Co-operative Society

About the Engage Trust

The Engage Multi-Academy Trust was established in 2015 and is an approved DfE Academy sponsor.

We are a not-for-profit charity established to deliver education for children and young people who exhibit vulnerable and challenging behaviour and whose social, emotional and mental health needs have led them to being outside of mainstream education.