Our Vision

Statement of Core Values and Vision


The Engage Trust believes:

  • That all children and young people have the right to be healthy, happy and safe, to be loved and respected and to have high aspirations for their future
  • That children and young people who exhibit vulnerable or challenging behaviour should be appropriately supported to make educational progress in line with their peers or their own trajectory of success
  • That successful progress for our most vulnerable and challenging learners benefits the young people themselves foremost, but also their schools, communities, families and ultimately our society and economy


The Engage Trust exists to provide high quality education and ensure progress for all our children and young people by developing a high quality network of alternative provision / specialist academies and services, through the promotion of the core values of the co-operative movement.


As a multi academy Trust, Engage has 3 members and 6 Directors who exercise governance through a Board of Directors and local Governing bodies in each Academy.

The Engage Trust has a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Finance Officer to provide strategic leadership to the Trust and member Academies.

Our Development Priorities

As a multi Academy Trust our development priorities are :

  • To ensure all our learners make academic and personal progress in line with their peers or their own trajectory of success
  • To create and maintain a high quality model of alternative provision for additional needs learners in the eastern region
  • To develop and maintain a sustainable and successful Co-operative Governance model for all our academies. This includes the creation of active and meaningful representative forums as well as an effective new governing body
  • To use appropriate self evaluation and audit tools to ensure the governance and performance of the academy and Trust are appropriate and effective
  • To build and develop strategic and operational relationships with key partners both locally, regionally and nationally

Evaluating Success

The Engage Trust will evaluate its success in relation to the following :

  • The academic progress of the learners within our academy
  • The social and emotional development of young people supported by our academy
  • The onward destinations and long term achievements of learners leaving our academy