Staff Concerns

Concerns at the Engage Trust

As a person working for  The Engage Trust you may be the first to realise that there could be something seriously wrong within the establishment. However, you may feel that speaking up would be disloyal to your colleagues or to The Engage Trust. You may also fear harassment or victimisation. In these circumstances, it may be easier to ignore the concern rather than report what may just be a suspicion of malpractice.

The Engage Trust is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, integrity and accountability. We expect employees, and others that we deal with, who have serious concerns about any aspect of The Engage Trust’s work to come forward and voice those concerns.

The Engage Trust Board encourages you to raise serious concerns in the first instance within the establishment rather than overlooking a problem or ‘blowing the whistle’ outside, and  would rather that you raised the matter when it is just a concern rather than waiting for proof . You may wish to refer your concern to your Line Manager, Headteacher, Chair of Governors, CEO in the first instance or see below for an alternative option.

If you have a concern, please refer to Whistleblowing Policy.

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